Story: “Hay Seeds”
Client: Massey Ferguson tractors

The Buckleys are part of a relatively exclusive set of farmers that grow alfalfa specifically for seed. “Growing alfalfa seed, I guess you could say it’s somewhat rare. You don’t see it everywhere you go,” says Alyson. But you do see the result of it everywhere you go.

Why it’s compelling:

Alyson Buckley

“Hay Seeds” is story about a family farm in Walla Walla, Washington, with a unique “product” that is still relatable to almost any farmer in the world. Alfalfa hay is one of the world’s most familiar crops, but the seed for the crop is grown by a small number of mostly family farms who must tend it with patience and precision.

Further, while family farms always make for compelling content in the ag sector, father-daughter teams are unique, as well. Alyson Buckley grew up on the farm, working with her dad, Mike, and then left to pursue a college degree. Mike says the door was always open for Alyson to return, and now she is a primary operator on the farm. 


Why it’s credible:

One of the primary benefits of working with a content-centric agency is help with sourcing brand ambassadors that “know their stuff.” It takes strong connections in the industry at large and—specifically, within niches such as dealer networks and field sales—to find the right customers who will both represent their work and the brand in a credible way.

The Buckleys are a prime example. They are not only a compelling farm family with a unique crop; they’re experts in their field who require very specific features and, more importantly, efficiencies in the equipment they choose. 

How it’s connected:

A tractor of any size is a big-time investment for a family farm. The family farm market is also a highly competitive market for tractor brands, with at least four major brands laying claim to the best machines with the best features. The Buckleys do an excellent job of explaining why Massey Ferguson tractors have worked for them—it has been efficient for them from a workhorse perspective and even from a price perspective.

And, as so often happens with the best brand ambassadors, the Buckleys point out that one of their favorite features of the tractor—the Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) system that keeps RPMs steady and efficient—is also one of the features the company loves to talk about.

FarmLife tells not only the Buckleys’ story, but also how Massey Ferguson helps them be successful.

consistent approach:

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