Content as effective as today’s media is our promise.

How can you be sure your investment in media technology will pay off?

Promising that our clients will connect more effectively with their customers is a bold statement. But it is easy to see how we do it consistently in our work. We use a relatively simple process—and a large dosage of discipline—to create compelling content that readers and visitors consistently find valuable. It ensures you deliver information your customers need in ways that pay off for your organization.

A “brand” is as much about what your customers and prospects believe about your product or service as what you believe about it, or want it to be. Perhaps this is why brand journalism, a very specific arm of content marketing that incorporates all of these ideas, is so effective. Advertising and public relations are implicitly one-sided; in spite of that, brand marketers often attempt to employ the same ideas from ads and PR into their content marketing, often with disappointing results.

Advanced Content® brings brand journalism full circle. It has the credibility of peer-to-peer communication; the usefulness of service editorial; the entertainment value and narrative drive of storytelling; and the connection to your brand values and benefits. That means your customers will want to read it, they’ll use it, and they’ll respond to it.

Advanced Content can’t be crafted around a conference table, behind a desk or in a focus group. Like the best, award-winning journalism, it’s about finding the most credible sources, creating the most compelling story, and engaging the audience where it lives. That’s what Advanced Content does, and that’s why it pays off in ways advertising, PR and shallow social media campaigns can’t.

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