We’re living through the greatest change in communication since the invention of the printing press. It’s changing the relationship between customers and information that really means something to them.

We’ve been working at this content business a long time. Ours is a company of content experts who left media giants and started Advanced Content® to do for businesses what we did for websites, social media and even magazines—to sell subscribers and advertisers alike.

For example, AGCO Corporation—an $11B equipment manufacturer—asked Advanced Content to solve this. We developed a process to make sure their content works for customers—to engage them—and work for AGCO at the same time. We have used traditional print media along with digital and social media. We chose to have AGCO’s customers tell their story. We learned what makes AGCO equipment work and then let successful farmers tell it themselves. That made AGCO’s content compelling. It told stories of successful farmers and what they do special to make a living in their challenging world. We made sure it was credible. Trust enables communication.

It does the same for sales. For instance, when we asked farmers about AGCO, farmers started to connect a part of their success to their AGCO equipment.

That’s our process—Advanced Content®—that disciplines content so it always works for customers and always works for you. You have the technology, now get the payoff.

How do we do it? Let us show you. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and we’ll be in touch.

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