Advanced Content® drives your content to a competitive edge—your copy, photos, social campaigns, posts, videos—all of it.

When customers read Advanced Content, it delivers what they seek from traditional journalism, with the extra connection to understand how your company helps them get more with your products.

Crain’s Publishing determined from research that 43% of businesses believe the buying process is significantly longer than just three years ago.

It’s how Advanced Content generates more return from your media. We do it through the disciplined application of four content requirements:

Compelling: First and foremost, it’s journalism. It tells your customers something they really need or want to know. And it makes that information relevant for them today. It’s compelling because it’s useful, entertaining and written for the customer. Whether it’s a story about a remarkable person or the latest technique in a given field, our Advanced Content reaches a targeted customer group and connects with and motivates them.

Credible: It answers the customer’s key question: “How do I know this is for real? After all, if you don’t convince me that it’s believable, I don’t have time for it.” If it’s credible, then the information really connects for the customer and they will read it and use it. The key to overcoming the inherent credibility gap in custom content is working hard to find the right sources. Those sources can be peers or experts who we help establish as trustworthy within a story. Naturally, we use journalistic methods—research, interview, writing and high-quality photography—to establish interest and credibility as well.

Connected: It makes a thoughtful, intuitive connection to a specific benefit of your product. Customers see how it works for other customers, and your product begins to fit their belief systems. In short, the trust earned by our content extends to our clients and allows their marketing messages to be heard.

Consistent: All media platforms are available to you for marketing, and your fans and prospects are waiting. You know how important consistency is to your advertising and public relations campaigns, but “editorial is the new advertising,” and it’s time to apply that consistency to your content marketing.

According to Forrester Consulting, the average buyer researches more than 11 pieces of online content before putting their money down.

To put it simply: we bake into commercial content information that’s compelling to the customer base—information that’s credible because credibility enables communication. And then we connect that content to specific product benefits, consistently.

This is a process that disciplines content so it always works. Then we build in metrics to make sure.

We’d love to take a deeper dive and demonstrate how you can know this content works for your goals before it’s even published. Contact us for more information.